Deploy Github Sub Directory To Azure

In this blog post, I would walk you through publishing a sub directory of your Github repository to the Azure. The first step would be to head over to your desired Resource Group in Azure Portal and Create a Web App Resource. For sake of demonstration, we would be publishing a web portal build using … Continue reading Deploy Github Sub Directory To Azure


Axios Interceptors and Exception Handling

Handling exceptions globally and gracefully is essential part of any application. This reduces the scattered try-catch cases and enable to handle everything from one point. In this article, we will explore how to implement global exception handling when making Api calls in an SPA design. We will use VueJs for demonstration along with Axios packages to assist the Http calls. Axios … Continue reading Axios Interceptors and Exception Handling

Private Routes using VueJs

Quite often in your application, you could come across when certain pages/routes could be accessed by only authenticated users. And then there are other pages, which could be access be any one. I tend to call them by private routes and public routes. Private Routes requires a certain condition to be met, for example, the user needs to be authenticated. … Continue reading Private Routes using VueJs