Zero Bug Bounce (ZBB)

ZBB or Zero Bug Bounce is a defect management technique originating from Microsoft that represents the moment (would prefer to call it a milestone) in time when the developers has managed to fix (or triaged) all the bugs reported by the QA team. The bounce refers to the fact the QA team might (and surely … Continue reading Zero Bug Bounce (ZBB)


Unit Test for Methods that Call Web API

HttpClient helps you interact with your Rest API's through its asynchronous methods such as GetAsync. But on a TDD environment, it could become a challenge on how you could write Unit Test cases for a method that invokes the API via GetAsync and ensure that your call successfully invokes the API (considering your API sits in another … Continue reading Unit Test for Methods that Call Web API

Mocking IDispossible with “Using”

Mocking objects is integral part of Unit Testing. The nucleus of Mocking is Dependency Injection, which allows us to inject Mock object into the code. But what happens when programmer has used the "Using" keyword ? For Example, This makes it difficult to mock DbCommand. The solution lies in deploying Factory Pattern to create our CustomDbCommand. For … Continue reading Mocking IDispossible with “Using”