Fody and “OnPropertyChanged” – The Unusual behavior

As a WPF Developer, Fody has been an extremely vital component in my aresenal. It takes a lot of burden off me by injecting some of the boiler plate codes. Despite that, there is one unusually behavior of Fody, which I have difficulty in digesting. For demonstration, let us create an example View for ourselves. … Continue reading Fody and “OnPropertyChanged” – The Unusual behavior


View Model First Approach using Caliburn Micro

While it is possible to use both View Model First and View First approach while using Caliburn Micro, I personally feel one should stick to one single appraoch thoughout your application. Mixing the two approaches would impact the readability of code adversely. View Model First Approach In this post we will look at the ViewModel … Continue reading View Model First Approach using Caliburn Micro

Caliburn.Micro #006 : Event Aggregators & Window Managers

Consider the classic scenario when you need to show the currently logged in User Name in your main Window, once you have successfully logged in. The The login Window is supposed to be a Modal Dialog, and isn't remotely aware of the Label displaying Username in the Main Window. WPF handles Modal Dialogs and messaging … Continue reading Caliburn.Micro #006 : Event Aggregators & Window Managers

Stimulsoft – Non-Modal Designer in WPF App, Part 2

In the previous post, we explored Supervising Controller Pattern to provide a solution to the issue we faced when using Stimulsoft Designer¬† Controller as an embedded control in WPF application. Even while we used the Supervising Controller Pattern, we still fiddled with the MVVM pattern by making the ViewModel "aware" of the View, even though … Continue reading Stimulsoft – Non-Modal Designer in WPF App, Part 2

Stimulsoft – Non-Modal Designer in WPF App

Stimulsoft Reports is one among the most powerful and easy to use Reporting Tools available. While this post is not focused on feature of Stimulsoft Reports, it is worth checking out the features in Stimulsoft Website. ¬† Embedded Stimulsoft Designer Control and MVVM The post would rather focus on displaying the powerful Stimulsoft Designer in … Continue reading Stimulsoft – Non-Modal Designer in WPF App

Caliburn Micro #003 : Events (Short Hand Syntax)

Previously, We looked at one approach of binding Events to Controls. However, the convention based approach is one of the least used approaches in Caliburn Micro. Think about it, if you need to bind more than one event to the control, say for example, the Click Event and MouseOver Event, this approach would fall short. … Continue reading Caliburn Micro #003 : Events (Short Hand Syntax)

Caliburn Micro #02 : BindableCollection & Events

In the previous part of this series, we looked into some of the basics of using Caliburn Micro. In this part, we will continue with few more examples, how to invoke a method on an event. But before we do that, let's expand our application a bit. Currently the application has two Text controls , … Continue reading Caliburn Micro #02 : BindableCollection & Events

Caliburn Micro #01 : Introduction

It has been long since i blogged, having caught up with the Product Release and Year End Vaccations. As the calender turns, it would be a good time to learn something new. If you are building an WPF application and is looking out for MVVM Frameworks, you would be surprised with the amount of choices … Continue reading Caliburn Micro #01 : Introduction