Create Mongo Replicaset using Docker Compose

In this blog post, we will attempt to create MongoDb replicaset using docker compose. A replica set in mongodb is a group of mongod instances which maintains the same set of data. This enables applications to work despite one of the db servers going down. At every instance, there wil be only and only ONE primary node. Rest of the … Continue reading Create Mongo Replicaset using Docker Compose


MongoDb, Docker and Compass

The other day I struggled a bit in setting up MongoDb in a docker container and then connecting it with Compass - the MongoDb client. That's when I thought I would document the knowledge here so that anyone else who run into similar problems could look into it (and also in case I forget later, … Continue reading MongoDb, Docker and Compass

MongoDb 002 : CRUD – Part 1

We will continue with our exploration of MongoDb in this second part of tutorial, working our CRUD examples. Let's beging with the 'C'. In order to create a document, you would need to use, as you can guess, the Insert command. Notice that we are using a new collection named subject here. MongoDb would automatically … Continue reading MongoDb 002 : CRUD – Part 1

MongoDb 001 : Basic Commands

Before we actually get into MongoDb, let's begin by importing a Test Db. You can access the JSON file here. Once you have downloaded the file, use following command to import the document into mongodb. Let's break it down, the command tells you to import a file students.json into a database called testdb and collection … Continue reading MongoDb 001 : Basic Commands