Install Extensions in Postgres Docker container

Recently I wanted use the Fluent migrator for seeding my postgres database, which was running as a docker container. I basically had a table User, which had a primary key of type UUID that needs to be auto-generated. My migration code looked as follows. Create.Table(User.TABLE_NAME) .WithColumn("id").AsGuid().NotNullable().WithDefaultValue(SystemMethods.NewGuid).PrimaryKey() .WithColumn("username").AsString().NotNullable() .WithColumn("password").AsString().NotNullable(); The above code would essentially turn out as the following postgres sql. … Continue reading Install Extensions in Postgres Docker container


Seed Postgres Database with FluentMigrator

In this blog post, we will address how to seed your Postgres Database when using FluentMigrator. In the example context, we have a Postges Database running on a docker container, and have a Web Api connecting to the database using Dapper. Dapper is a micro-orm, and while it is pretty good in what is does, … Continue reading Seed Postgres Database with FluentMigrator