Evil Code #010 : Extension Methods

Back with Evil Code Series again. What would be the output of the following. The code attempts to prints 2 set of data, "SampleText" and Null Value. The PrintToString method, prints the output from the inbuild ToString() method, while the second method PrintToDescription, prints the output from an extension method. The extension method, as such, … Continue reading Evil Code #010 : Extension Methods


Json Custom Filtering : Remove Properties of a Type T

One of the recent questions that came up in SO which fascinated me was how do one filter a Json string by removing properties from Json, which is of a particular Type. For example, consider the following Json. What if you want to remove all Json Properties that has a value of Integer Type. What … Continue reading Json Custom Filtering : Remove Properties of a Type T

Updated Span API : NonPortableCast and AsReadOnlySpan to MemoryMarshal.Cast and AsSpan

One of the interesting changes (not sure why Microsoft changed this) was moving/changing the Span<T> API's a bit. For example, the Span<T>.NonPortableCast Method was moved as an extension method under MemoryMarshal. Previous API Current API Similarly, the string.AsReadonlySpan method has been renamed. The new API is as follows. Previous API Current API The MemoryMarshal extensions … Continue reading Updated Span API : NonPortableCast and AsReadOnlySpan to MemoryMarshal.Cast and AsSpan

Deconstruct and Extension Methods

In an earlier post, we explored the Deconstruct feature for Non-Tuples. It was a pretty useful feature that came along in the 7.x series . If one does have access to source, adding deconstruct is quite easy. But what about classes we do not have (source code) access to ? For example, the .Net framework … Continue reading Deconstruct and Extension Methods

Linq Recipes : IsIncreasing/IsDecreasing & IsAlternating

LINQ, ever since its introduction has turned out to be one of the favorite tools for .Net Developers. The post focus on couple of quick recipes for common scenarios. Scenario 001 You have a collection of objects and you would like verify if the collection is sorted in increasing/decreasing order. Recipe We could always sort … Continue reading Linq Recipes : IsIncreasing/IsDecreasing & IsAlternating

WaitForFirstN Tasks Method

There is a definite gap between TAP Utilities Task.WaitAny and Task.WaitAll. How do we wait for the first 'N' tasks from an array of tasks. That is one utility that is missing from TAP's rich repository. It might not be hard to implement one by yourself though. The above code uses existing Task Collaborators Task.WaitAny … Continue reading WaitForFirstN Tasks Method