Caliburn Micro 4.0 – Issue with EventAggregator

I have always like Caliburn Micro since I started using few years back. Of course had the opportunity to use it at work as well and that made it more likeable. But at the same time, I am not a huge fan of one of the latest changes that happened in v4.0, even though I … Continue reading Caliburn Micro 4.0 – Issue with EventAggregator


Caliburn.Micro #006 : Event Aggregators & Window Managers

Consider the classic scenario when you need to show the currently logged in User Name in your main Window, once you have successfully logged in. The The login Window is supposed to be a Modal Dialog, and isn't remotely aware of the Label displaying Username in the Main Window. WPF handles Modal Dialogs and messaging … Continue reading Caliburn.Micro #006 : Event Aggregators & Window Managers