Code Smells : Dispensable

Continuing on our discussion on Code Smells and Refactoring techniques, we will discuss Dispensable in this post. Dispensables are avoidable components whose absence would make the code much more cleaner, readable and efficient. Comments A joke is not a good one if needed to be explained. A similar philosophy holds for code as well. If … Continue reading Code Smells : Dispensable


Code Smells : Change Preventers

If you ever have been in a situation when you need to make change in one place, but had to make changes in many places too, then Change Preventers is a code smell you should be vary off. Change Preventers is result of poor structuring of code and can be broadly categorized into 3. Divergent … Continue reading Code Smells : Change Preventers

Code Smells : Object Oriented Abusers

While a well implemented Objected Oriented code is a hallmark of a good program, a poor implementation of the same couldĀ  lead to utter chaos as the project progresses. Object Oriented Abusers are a particular genre of Code Smells which refers to incorrect or incomplete implementation of Object Oriented Concepts. Switch Statements Switch Statements are … Continue reading Code Smells : Object Oriented Abusers

Code Smells : Bloaters (Primitive Obsession, Long Parameter List, Data Clumps)

Primitive Obsession If there is a code smell I often misses, then it has to be Primitive Obsession. Quite honestly, I have been guilty of falling for Primitive Obsession more than once. This particular type of Code Smell refers to the tendency of Developers to use primitive types instead of small objects for stimulating certain … Continue reading Code Smells : Bloaters (Primitive Obsession, Long Parameter List, Data Clumps)

Code Smells : Bloaters (Long Methods, Long Class)

Code Bloats or Code Bloaters are probably the most common signs of code smells you can see in any branch of code. In fact, eradicating bloaters act as the first step towards refactoring your code. Bloaters are nothing but classes or methods that have grown excessively over a long time marking it difficult to work … Continue reading Code Smells : Bloaters (Long Methods, Long Class)

Patterns,Principles and Programming.

Have been thinking about putting together a collection of Jump Start Tutorials on some core concepts on Programming, finally getting everything together Design Patterns GOF: Adapter Pattern GOF: Strategy Pattern GOF: Singleton Pattern (Lazy) GOF: Fascade Pattern GOF: Chain Of Responsibility Pattern (CoR) GOF: Template Method GOF: Null Object Pattern GOF: State Pattern GOF: Decorator … Continue reading Patterns,Principles and Programming.