Exploring ‘With’ C# 10

C# 9 introduced us to record and the associated with operator. The with operator helped us to create or clone copies of existing record instances with set of changes specified. In C# 10, the C# team has taken the concepts a little further. Let us first examine what we could do in C# 9. public record Person { public string FirstName … Continue reading Exploring ‘With’ C# 10


A2Z.Net : A – Anonymous Types

This article marks the beginning of a new series of posts, which aims to dig deeper into 26 different features of .Net. For the first article, or the A - I have selected¬†Anonymous Types. I would have chosen asynchronous programming, but I have whole dedicated series on asynchronous programming which could followed in this¬†link. Introduced … Continue reading A2Z.Net : A – Anonymous Types

Revisting Anonymous Type

While classes and structs are extremely powerful, there are times when you want to escape the cermonies they require even for simplest of design. This is where anonymous types comes handy and has been so frequent used by the developers. So what are Anonymous types really ? Let's consider an example first. Anonymous Types are … Continue reading Revisting Anonymous Type