QT #1 : Introduction to QT C++

QT(pronounced as Cute) has been around for a long time now. At the time of writing of this blog, Qt 6.4 is the latest stable version. Why Qt ? Qt is a cross platoform framework for development of application across Windows, Linux, Android, IOS and embedded devices. Cross Platform application development allows developers to use the … Continue reading QT #1 : Introduction to QT C++

Migrating to null safety in Flutter/Dart

If you are starting with Flutter, just like me, and end up having used dependency packages with versions which do not support null safety checks then you are most likely to come across with errors such as the following when you do build. error GBA2BE6E0: A library can't opt out of null safety by default, … Continue reading Migrating to null safety in Flutter/Dart

Process Stream data from gRPC Server using Flutter/Dart

In the earlier post, we addressed how to create a simple Grpc server in C# and consume it using a client developed using Flutter/Dart. We will now take the next step and address how to create expose a streaming remote method in the server and consume the same in the client. Streaming method in Server (C#) … Continue reading Process Stream data from gRPC Server using Flutter/Dart

Generate Password Hash for RabbitMq

In the previous post, we explored how to use docker compose to per-initialize queues in a docker container. The configuration files also provided a way to initialize users. Each of the users where configured with a password, which is given in the configuration file as a hash value comprising of a randomly generated 32 bit salt and … Continue reading Generate Password Hash for RabbitMq

Initialize RabbitMq Docker Container with preconfigured Queues

As we work with docker containers, it is often desired to initialize the containers with specific application needs. One of such requirements was to initialize RabbitMq container with predefined queue. To be more specific, the objective needs to be achieved using docker compose. In this approach, we would use docker volume to map the configurations, which in turn … Continue reading Initialize RabbitMq Docker Container with preconfigured Queues

Retry Pattern

Transient exceptions are a common occurance in the cloud based applications. Most of these temporary faults are self-healing and could succeed when triggered with a slight delay. Some of the common transient errors include momentary loss of connectivity to services, a busy database server that throttle requests to ease off workloads. Ideally an application which … Continue reading Retry Pattern

#DockerDays Day 6 – Docker Compose

Until now, we have learned how to create images using dockerfile and used network to create channels for communicating between two containers. But it can be cumbersome to manage each container separately, particularly in multi-container applications which have dozens of containers. Building, running, and connecting multiple containers using individual dockerfile would be pretty hard and consume a lot of time and … Continue reading #DockerDays Day 6 – Docker Compose

Debugging Wix Installer

How do you debug an installer created using Wix ? This short article shows an easy way to debug your Wix Installer Custom Actions. In fact, it turns out to be pretty easy. All you need to do is to add a call to System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Launch() your custom action. For example, [CustomAction] public static ActionResult DemoMethod() { System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Launch(); … Continue reading Debugging Wix Installer