.Net Extensions and Nugets

Caliburn.Micro Template Pack for WPF

Caliburn.Micro Template Pack for WPF contains a comprehensive collection of Project Templates and Code Snippets for developing WPF application using Caliburn.Micro.

Download : Visual Studio Marketplace

Code Repository : Github

Project Templates

  •  WPF Application that utilizes Caliburn.Micro for MVVM Framework

Item Templates

  •  Bootstrapper Class with MEF as IoC
  •  Bootstrapper Class with SimpleContainer as IoC
  •  Bootstrapper Class with Unity as IoC

Code Snippets

  • propcm – Creates Property with NotifyOfPropertyChange and backing field
  • funcm – Creates function with Guard methods

Works with : Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio 2017


RestHelper is a sleek and simple Wrapper library for providing simple access to Rest API, by hiding away the complexities of HTTPClient Class.It is particularly designed to work along with Xamarin PCL Projects.

Download : Nuget Gallery

Code Repository : Github


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