Json To Xml : Wrapping the Array Elements

In this post, we will look into a scenario when you need to convert a Json to XML, but at the same time need to add a wrapping Property for each array. For example, consider the following Json { reportId : 23232, submittedBy : 'Anu Viswan', projects:[ { id:1001, name:'Project 1', }, { id:1002, name:'Project … Continue reading Json To Xml : Wrapping the Array Elements

Fody and “OnPropertyChanged” – The Unusual behavior

As a WPF Developer, Fody has been an extremely vital component in my aresenal. It takes a lot of burden off me by injecting some of the boiler plate codes. Despite that, there is one unusually behavior of Fody, which I have difficulty in digesting. For demonstration, let us create an example View for ourselves. … Continue reading Fody and “OnPropertyChanged” – The Unusual behavior

Custom Traits in xUnit

One of the implicit key characterstics which define the readability of any Unit Test cases is its ability to be grouped depending on multiple factors. NUnit uses CategoryAttribute, while MSTest uses the TestCategoryAttribute for grouping tests. With xUnit, you could make use the TraitAttribute to achieve this. However, this is not short of problems of its own. The most inconvenient part of … Continue reading Custom Traits in xUnit

MahApps HamburgerMenu and Caliburn Micro

MahApps is probably one of the most used UI library among WPF developers, with a galaxy of great controls. Despite that, recently I was surprised to see lack of proper example for Hamburger Menu control, particulary MVVM based. I was also more keen to know how to make best use of capabilities of Caliburn Micro along the … Continue reading MahApps HamburgerMenu and Caliburn Micro

Getting started with DocFx

I have been lately pretty impressed with the DocFx, Microsoft's static documentation generator. In this blog post, I thought I would outline how easy it is to configure the DocFx for generating documentation for your project. Assumption : Project already has Xml documentations enabled and the code have the necessary comments. Step 1 : Install … Continue reading Getting started with DocFx

Oxyplot : Selectable Point

While OxyPlot continues to be one of the attractive plotting library for .Net developers, there are times when you find longing for features that could make it even more better. One of such feature is ability to select/highlight a point in a series. While there is a Selectable Property with LineSeries, it doesn't quite let … Continue reading Oxyplot : Selectable Point

Caliburn.Micro Template Pack now supports VS 2019

So glad to announce that Caliburn.Micro Template Pack now supports Visual Studio 2019. Caliburn.Micro Template Pack for WPF contains a comprehensive collection of Project Templates and Code Snippets for developing WPF application using Caliburn.Micro. It also includes Bootstrap templates for SimpleContainer, MEF and Unity. You can download the template from Visual Studio Marketplace You can … Continue reading Caliburn.Micro Template Pack now supports VS 2019

Oxyplot : Using Datagrid for tooltip

Oxyplot uses Tracker Controls for displaying tooltip. You could extend the display by Customizing the Default Tracker control. In this article, we will look deeper into that Tracker Control and aim to display a Grid in the Tracker Control. For sake of example, let us assume a Fruit Seller, who wants to plot his sales … Continue reading Oxyplot : Using Datagrid for tooltip