Source Generator for DebuggerDisplayAttribute

While Debugging your application, it is often handy to have the DebuggerDisplayAttribute set, enabling you to quickly glance over complex data structures. While these aren't way too much to type in your self, it would be handy to have the code Auto generated for you. In this blog post, we will create a Source Generator using the … Continue reading Source Generator for DebuggerDisplayAttribute


Rosyln API Recipies Part 001

This blog post focuses on featuring couple of reusuable methods which one could find useful when working on Code Analyzer/CodeFix or Source Generators. HasAttribute Quite often one needs to check if the member declaration like Class, Property, Enum declaration has a particular attribute. The following method helps in detecting the same. public static bool HasAttribute<TAttribute>(this … Continue reading Rosyln API Recipies Part 001