Real World Demo Applications

One of the recent projects I started on Github is NT - my own version of Thinkster's Real World repos. The idea, much like the original idea, is to pick up a project topic and implement it in every language/framework i learn. As a beginning, I have created the Web API using .Net 5 Preview … Continue reading Real World Demo Applications


Leaders and Eye Specialist

How do I define leadership or how would like myself to be seen as a leader in the future. These are some of the questions I often come across. To be honest, it is quite hard to answer it precisely, after all, each 'act' of leadership depends on various factors including what the circumstances/situation demands. … Continue reading Leaders and Eye Specialist

Revamping Interview Strategies.

One of the things which bothers me with the current interview process relevant in most companies if the focus on measuring candidate's capabilities on the basis of his knowledge of particular sub-technology. There might be wrong with this approach, but what if the Candidate is a strong programmer who unfortunately hadn't got the opportunity to … Continue reading Revamping Interview Strategies.

Private Transport to Personalized Transport

Living in an urban area and planning to take your car out to another corner of town on an evening? What would the first that cross your mind? Where do I Park my car!!! Quite honestly that's what many of us think while taking out car these days. The urban landscape has changed so much … Continue reading Private Transport to Personalized Transport

360 Degree Evaluation

360 Degree Feedback/Review System is a much abused term in many companies these days. While many Organizations and Managers effectively use the 'jargon' on a day to day basis, it makes me wonder how many actually perform a complete 360 Degree Review System, particularly in Performance Appraisals. Ideally, an effective 360 Degree Review System should … Continue reading 360 Degree Evaluation

Carrot and Stick – An Avoidable Curse

"You need to put pressure on the team members, keep them on edge of their seat. Only then they will deliver to their full potential"¬† I was startled to hear those words from my Supervisor. It was in complete contradiction to the school of thoughts I believed in. Coming from a senior member¬†in the side, … Continue reading Carrot and Stick – An Avoidable Curse