.Net 6 : System.Text.Json support for IAsyncEnumerable

As the Preview 4 of .Net 6 becomes available, one of the things that excites me is the System.Text.Json support for IAsyncEnumerable. The IAsyncEnumerable, introduced in .Net Core 3 and C# 8, enables us to iterate over async Enumerables. The newer version extends this support to the System.Text.Json.

Consider the following data.


we could now write a streaming deserialization method using the JsonSerializer.DeserializeAsyncEnumerable. For example.

public async IAsyncEnumerable<T> DeserializeStreaming<T>(string data)
    using var memStream = new MemoryStream(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(data));

    await foreach(var item in JsonSerializer.DeserializeAsyncEnumerable<T>(memStream))
        yield return item;
        await Task.Delay(1000);

// Data
public class Data
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public string Value { get; set; }


The async streams of deserialized data provides an oppurtunity to deserialize on demand, which could be great addition particularly deserializing large data.

var instance = new StreamingSerializationTest();
await foreach (var item in instance.DeserializeStreaming<Data>(dataString))
    Console.WriteLine($"Data Item: {nameof(Data.Id)}={item.Id} , {nameof(Data.Value)}={item.Value}");

    if(item.Id > 5)

As you can observe in the output below, this would deserialiaze only on-demand.

Streaming Deserialize Demo
Inside Deserializing..
Data Item: Id=0 , Value=915777539
Inside Deserializing..
Data Item: Id=1 , Value=1332243482
Inside Deserializing..
Data Item: Id=2 , Value=306207588
Inside Deserializing..
Data Item: Id=3 , Value=1413388423
Inside Deserializing..
Data Item: Id=4 , Value=2145941621
Inside Deserializing..
Data Item: Id=5 , Value=1041779876
Inside Deserializing..
Data Item: Id=6 , Value=1121436961

As the moment, the Deseriliazation is severely limited to root level Json Arrays, but I guess that would over time as .Net 6 reaches release. Let us take a look at the serialization as well now. Turns out that is easy as well.

private async IAsyncEnumerable<Data> Generate(int maxItems)
    var random = new Random();
    for (int i = 0; i < maxItems; i++)
        yield return new Data
            Id = i,
            Value = random.Next().ToString()

public async Task SerializeStream()
    using var stream = Console.OpenStandardOutput();
    var data = new { Data = Generate(30) };
    await JsonSerializer.SerializeAsync(stream, data);

At this point, am not quite excited about streaming Serialization as I am about streaming Deserilization. This is because of the lack of usecase it might support. But am not denying there could be usecases, and over the time, I might be equally excited about it as well.

Complete sample of the code in this demo could be found in my Github

We will continue exploring the .Net 6 features in the upcoming posts as well. Until then, enjoy coding…


3 thoughts on “.Net 6 : System.Text.Json support for IAsyncEnumerable

  1. Streaming- deserializing JSON like this at root level is awesome. Good use case is serving large datasets of e.g. time-series stored as JSON to an external application over an API.
    However this article mentions that deserializing IAsyncEnumerable to non-root level properties could be possible in the future. Unfortunately that is not possible with JSON. The implementation could never return the outer object until all of the JSON- contents of that class has been read, including the inner IAsyncEnumerable. Hence a standard List/Array- property would be just as good. It’s just a limitation of the JSON format itself. The deserializer cannot know that there are no additional standard properties after the IAsyncEnumerable- property.


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