Stay Open Functionality for Oxyplot Tracker

One of the recent questions on Stackoverflow was about having a Oxyplot tracker that

  • Is evoked only over the Points and NOT line/outside.
  • Stays Open until another point is selected.

The first part could be easily achieved by using a Custom PlotController that Binds the Mouse Down event only the Left Mouse Button and only on Tracks

CustomPlotController = new PlotController();
CustomPlotController.BindMouseDown(OxyMouseButton.Left, PlotCommands.PointsOnlyTrack);

You could now bind the CustomPlotController with your Xaml as

<oxy:PlotView Model="{Binding MyModel}" Controller="{Binding CustomPlotController}">

The second part needs you to write a Custom TrackerManipulator. The core idea would revolve around override the Completed method in TrackerManipulator, so that the Oxyplot is unable to hide the tracker.

If we were to ensure with the same TrackerManipulator that the trackers is enabled only Points, then the current tracker would be left open until the new tracker is opened at new location by a succeeding click on another point in the graph.

Let us go ahead and write our Custom TrackerManipulator.

public class StaysOpenTrackerManipulator : TrackerManipulator
    public StaysOpenTrackerManipulator(IPlotView plotView) : base(plotView)
        Snap = true;
        PointsOnly = true;
    public override void Completed(OxyMouseEventArgs e)
        // Do nothing

That’s all you need to achieve the goal. You can find the source code of this post in my Github Repo


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