TPL And Asynchronous Programming

This series follows my study notes on TPL and asynchronous programming. A special thanks to Jon Skeets and Jeffrey Richter for their wonderful books,which has been the inspirations behind this series. Overhead of explicit ThreadsAwaitable PatternException Handling in async methodsAsynchronous Code - Behind the scenes - 001Asynchronous Code - Behind the scenes - 002Asynchronous Code … Continue reading TPL And Asynchronous Programming


Asynchronous Code – Behind the Scenes – 001

If you were to ask me what was the biggest milestone in .Net development, then my choice would definetly be .Net 5.0 - especially the introduction of the async/await. The more you learn about the underlying working, you cannot but stop and admire the efforts done by the lang uage developers to make our life easier. … Continue reading Asynchronous Code – Behind the Scenes – 001