Automapper – Use IoC for creating Destinations

Automapper by default creates new instances of destination using the default contructor. If you need to ask the IoC to create the new instance, it actually turns out to be pretty simple.
We will begin by setting up our Unity Container to register the IMapper.

var mapper = MappingProfile.InitializeAutoMapper(_unityContainer).CreateMapper();


As you can see, you are also initializing the Automapper with certain configurations. Let’s see what exactly it is. Following is the definition of MapperProfile.

public static class MappingProfile
public static MapperConfiguration InitializeAutoMapper(IUnityContainer container)
MapperConfiguration config = new MapperConfiguration(cfg =>
cfg.ConstructServicesUsing(type => container.Resolve(type));
cfg.AddProfile(new AssemblyProfile());
return config;

As you can observe, you are configuring the Automapper to Construct using the IUnityContainer. The following line does the magic for you as it uses the existing Container to create new instances (if registered with IoC) each time Automapper finds a particular type in destination.

cfg.ConstructServicesUsing(type => container.Resolve(type));

In the next blog post, we will investigate Automapper in bit more deeply. For now, please refere the sample code demonstrating the blog post at my Github


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