C# 8 : Using Declaration

The next feature we would explore in C# 8 is more off a syntatic sugar, but neverthless it is important to understand the difference between the new syntax and the original feature it is covering up. We are all aware of the Using statements, which allows correct usage of the IDisposible objects. Using Statement Let … Continue reading C# 8 : Using Declaration


C# 8 : Index and Range

While C# as a language has grown leaps and bounds, one are that was least addressed was manipulation of collections (arrays in particular). C# 8 looks to change exactly that by introducing two new Types. System.Index System.Index is a structure that can be used to Index a collection either from the start or the end. … Continue reading C# 8 : Index and Range

Automapper – Use IoC for creating Destinations

Automapper by default creates new instances of destination using the default contructor. If you need to ask the IoC to create the new instance, it actually turns out to be pretty simple. We will begin by setting up our Unity Container to register the IMapper. As you can see, you are also initializing the Automapper … Continue reading Automapper – Use IoC for creating Destinations