Json Custom Filtering : Remove Properties of a Type T

One of the recent questions that came up in SO which fascinated me was how do one filter a Json string by removing properties from Json, which is of a particular Type. For example, consider the following Json.

'debug': 'on',
'window': {
'title': 'Sample Widget',
'name': 'main_window',
'width': 500,
'height': 500
'image': {
'src': 'Images/Sun.png',
'name': 'sun1',
'hOffset': 250,
'vOffset': 250,
'alignment': 'center'
'text': {
'data': 'Click Here',
'size': 36,
'style': 'bold',
'name': 'text1',
'hOffset': 250,
'vOffset': 100,
'alignment': 'center',


What if you want to remove all Json Properties that has a value of Integer Type. What would be a good way to achieve it if the format of Json is unknown ?

I ended up writing an extension method.

public static class Extensions
public static JToken RemoveFieldTypes(this JToken token,params JTokenType []fieldTypes)
JContainer container = token as JContainer;
if (container == null) return token;

var tokensToRemove = new List<JToken>();
foreach (JToken el in container.Children())
JProperty p = el as JProperty;
if(p!=null && fieldTypes.Contains(p.Value.Type))
foreach (JToken el in tokensToRemove)
return token;

Client Code Sample

JToken nodeList = JToken.Parse(strJson);

Sample Ouput

"widget": {
"debug": "on",
"window": {
"title": "Sample Konfabulator Widget",
"name": "main_window"
"image": {
"src": "Images/Sun.png",
"name": "sun1",
"alignment": "center"
"text": {
"data": "Click Here",
"style": "bold",
"name": "text1",
"alignment": "center"

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