Deconstruct and Extension Methods

In an earlier post, we explored the Deconstruct feature for Non-Tuples. It was a pretty useful feature that came along in the 7.x series . If one does have access to source, adding deconstruct is quite easy. But what about classes we do not have (source code) access to ? For example, the .Net framework classes ? Can we add a deconstruct to it ? It turns out, it is quite simple as well. Extension Methods allows us to add deconstruct to existing classes without breaking the Open Closed Principle.

For demonstration purpose, let us write a deconstruct for Point Class under the System.Drawing namespace.

public static class ExtensionMethods
    public static void Deconstruct(this Point source,out double x,out double y)
        x = source.X;
        y = source.Y;

void Main()
       Point point = new Point(100,500);
       var (x,y) = point;

As observed, it is quite easy to add deconstruct to your existing classes using the Extension Methods.


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