Evil Code #006 : Build Configurations

This one is courtesy Wouter de Kort, from his famous book. Okay, so what’s the evil code here. Consider the following code and predict the output in Debug as well as Release modes.

static int count = 10;
static void Main(string[] args)
  Timer timer = new Timer(CallBackMethod, null, 0, 2000);

private static void CallBackMethod(object state)
  if (--count == 0)


Output of the code under different configurations

// Debug Mode
// Release Mode

Isn’t that weird that the output has varied in Debug and Release modes ? Well, the key player in charge of this different output is the Garbage Collector and code optimization. When in the Release mode, the compiler optimizes the code realizing that timer object is not used again. This results in the CallBackMethod being executed only once.


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