An Introduction to EcSolvo.RestHelper

This post intends to act as an introductory guide on the EcSolvo.RestHelper Nuget. It takes you through the Main Methods that you would be using in your routine tasks.

RestHelper Constructor and ExecuteAsync

The RestHelper Constructor and ExecuteAsync Method is the heart of RestHelper Library. It is build on ‘Pit of Success’ philosophy, removing possible erroneous steps by the consuming Developer.
The RestHelper Constructor takes a single Parameter, which is the base address of your API.The ExecuteAsync is an Asynchronous Method which take in two Parameters,
b) Resource (URL to the exact API Resource)

For GET Request

For Handling URI Parameters, the EcSolvo.RestHelper Library exposes a method called ‘AddURLParameters’, which helps to add parameters to the QueryString dictionary.

private string _BaseAddress = "http://localhost:8888/";
var resourceURL = "api/user/SingleParamStringResponse";
var restHelper = new EcSolvo.RestHelper(_BaseAddress);
string ParameterKey = "VariableStr";
string ParameterValue = "DummyString";
restHelper.AddURLParameters(ParameterKey, ParameterValue);
var result = await restHelper.ExecuteAsync(HttpMethod.Get, resourceURL);

The library works even if the parameter passed is a Complex Parameter (Controller uses FromUri Attribute).

For POST Request

For Handling OnBody Parameter in POST Request, the library exposes a method called ‘AssignMessageBodyParameter’.

var result = await restHelper.ExecuteAsync(HttpMethod.Post, resourceURL);

If the POST Request have additional URI Parameters, it can use the ‘AddURLParameters’ Method to add it to the dictionary.


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