Remove Debug / Binaries from GitHub

I am pretty new to GitHub platform and one of the first mistakes I did earlier on was to commit (unknowingly) the Debug Folders and all its binaries. It was later on i found ways to add 'gitignore' files, but no matter what i did, the debug files continued to be reflected in the change … Continue reading Remove Debug / Binaries from GitHub


Unit Test for Methods that Call Web API

HttpClient helps you interact with your Rest API's through its¬†asynchronous¬†methods such as GetAsync. But on a TDD environment, it could become a challenge on how you could write Unit Test cases for a method that invokes the API via GetAsync and ensure that your call successfully invokes the API (considering your API sits in another … Continue reading Unit Test for Methods that Call Web API

Simple Timer for Xamarin Forms using Device Timer

While developing your application in Xamarin that requires a Timer, you have the option to use the Device Timer. However, one of the first caveat your would notice is that while Device Class has a Device.StartTimer method, it does not exposes a Stop method, leaving it to your own class to handle it. I started … Continue reading Simple Timer for Xamarin Forms using Device Timer

Device Information in XF PCL

Today am going to retrieve Phone Device Information in an Android Device with Xamarin Form PCL. Lets start by implementing the interface required for the DependencyService We will now move over the Droid Project and implement the IPhoneInfoService for the project. Do not forget to decorate your implementation class with Dependency Attribute Finally, it is … Continue reading Device Information in XF PCL