TFS task board exceeds limits

It was one of those days when the QA was having a joyful time in office as he filling up the Sprint Board with bugs when he encountered issue saying “You have exceeded the number of items allowed on your task board.” Developers, who were pulling their hairs out till then, had a wry smile while I sat up there searching for a solution before the QA eat my head out.
In the end, the fix doesn’t seem to be as tough as I expected, even though it did require a bit of research. All it needn’t was couple of steps.
Step 1 : Open “Developer Command Prompt” and run the following command
witadmin command witadmin exportprocessconfig /collection:CollectionURL /p:ProjectName /f:settings.xml
Step 2: Open up the created settings.xml and locate the tag which says TaskBacklog category=”Microsoft.TaskCategory” and Add following to it .
The tag would now look like following.
Step 3 : Save the file and import the settings back using the command
witadmin importprocessconfig /collection:CollectionURL /p:ProjectName /f:settings.xml
You should be all set now.  I can now see the QA smiling while the developers are back with their hands over their  head.

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